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joggybear | 10:15 Sat 31st Aug 2013 | Film, Media & TV
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I know watching 'Celebrity' Big brother is sad, but last nights eviction was a bloody farce. FIX FIX FIX. Only one was evicted, well Louis was put up, then Lauren had most nominations, so it should have been just those 2, not top 5. Should have evicted 2. Live crowd wanted Lauren out, then Courtney when lauren saved, but Ron went. Not bothering again, Am presuming Lauren will win, its a fix...


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Why would they fix it though? What would be the point? I think Ron went out because of all his racist comments...
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I expected Ron to go wednesday, but Lauren is very needy and was ott on thursday night shown last night. She doesnt seem comfortable being a 'women', she says she lives with her parents still. What about the pysh accessment they are supposed to have. C4 refused to put her in there years ago, even liking controvesty they knew she wouldnt cope.
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joggy i am laughing the pysh assessment. do you get it lol
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LOL meant psychiatry, cant spell.
must admit i am not watching it this time, i cant watch anything with louie spence, i just dont like him ! as for that lauren er ........ bizarre is not the word!
The majority of them, I'd never heard of. But i don't think it makes much difference, as the "normal" BB is usually more interesting. Really not sure about Lauren, feel quite sorry for her.
I have to admit I thought it was a fix when Lauren stayed in as she was the only one being boo'ed. She isn't coping and needs to come out. Her fixation with Courtney is getting awkward and I'm sure Courtney will lose it with Lauren soon.
I know this will sound heartless but when Lauren entered the BB House she was all glamour and beauty, hair, makeup and dressed to the nines. I have been watching the repeat today and in some of the shots of her she looks like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. And as for her dress "sense". The mind boggles at the array of costumes and awful combinations of weird and outrageous clothes she has chosen to wear. In some shots she looks like a tranny, even though she is not and can look feminie when she want to. I feel she is being exploited actually although as a very willing subject.
I'm kind of struggling to get into this CBB, I'd only heard of 4 of them & spent most of the launch night going "who".

I'm glad Ron went I wasn't too keen on him, I feel sorry for Lauren she does seem to be quite vulnerable & seems to struggle at times.
I'm glad Ron went as well. Lauren is more entertaining although I did feel sorry for her too in last nights programme.

Am I imagining it or is Carol going backwards and forwards between people and slagging one off against the other?!
I noticed her doing it the other night Tiggerblue. She egged lauren on to have it out with sophie saying that sophie thinks she knows it all. Then later on denied to sophie she had said it.

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