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LizzieJ | 21:18 Tue 19th Jul 2005 | Media & TV
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I apologise if this has already been covered-however I watched memento last night (having not watched for two years) I thought I understood it...but I'm still Bl**dy confused!!!

Did the guy's wife actually die?? was John G the policeman called teddy or (as teddy says) was John g killed beforehand????

help/views/ideas would be great



PS great film




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Fair play to you for understanding that much, its actually on my list of worst ever films in the end I didnt even care who killed his wife, its a few years since I saw it maybe if I watched it again?nah cant be bothered.
I love this film and watch it at least 3 or 4 times a year, its one of my favourites, unfortunately every time I watch it, I get a different view of whats what.  Have you tried watching the bonus disc that comes with the DVD? I havent watched it myself but my son told me you can watch the film forwards instead of backwards (you know what I mean)  I hope
I absolutely love this film too.  Am going to get the dvd - thanks for the tip pixi.  I think it's one of those films where we don't really know how much is true.   I kind of think his wife did die, as it's only his short term memory since the trauma, that has been affected, but we only know this because the lead tells us so, so how do we really know it's true??   I'm a bit like Pixi, I change my mind sometimes when watching the film, which is part of it's appeal.  Thought Guy Pierce was great in it.
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Thanks to you all for answering-I havent worked out how to watch the film in chronological order although I'm sure when Ive got time to kill I could work it out...(I didnt get a bonus disc...??)

Really like Joe Pantiallo (or however you spell it)-he was my fave character in the matrix

Trionam-whats your best film ever then?! (intrigued to know)

I cant actually think any particular one right now,I like thrillers in general I just dont like having to work to hard a trying to figure things out I got so tired of memento going backwards and forwards that I just lost interest.

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