"Comics" by Linda La Plante

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clarey | 16:21 Mon 01st Jul 2002 | Media & TV
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Can anyone remember a programme called COMICS shown on Channel 4, written by Linda La Plante? I think it was a 6 part story. At the beginning a mother walked into the sea, carrying her child and a tune was played. It sounded very Nina Simone, and the chorus contained the words, and was repeated "Cry for me baby....." Can anyone shed any light on who sang this song?


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I think I still have the show on tape somewhere so I'll have a look to see if the singer is credited.
The words to the song are 'Stay with me baby'. I'm not sure who its by (not Nina Simone though) but it is featured on a various album called 'Woman' (I think Vol 3-with a pink cover!) Will get back to you if I can find out who it's by! P.S - Have you got a copy of the programme, or know anyone who has? Would love a copy of it, been looking for years! Is Smorodina willing to share her/his copy?!
Hiya, skate here again! This song was done by a woman called Ruby Turner - hope this helps!
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awww thanks Skate xx
No probs, if you find a copy, let me know! been looking everywhere for the video/DVD!
the song is 'stay with me baby' and was sung by 'Ruby Turner'

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"Comics" by Linda La Plante

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