Well, It's Beyond Me!!

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Iluvspikey | 18:08 Fri 26th Apr 2013 | Media & TV
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You'll have to forgive me, but I don't watch TV, except for Pointless on the I player and I did watch the Great British Sewing Bee on the I player too, as I now the lady that won. AnywayI was asking my MIL about some gardening problem I had, and she said she'd email me something. Well she emailed me the wrong thing - she sent me a link to a programme called 'embarrassing bodies'. I watched for a few mins about a man with a oozy nipple, before switching off - why on earth, if these people who are too embarrassed to go one to one with their own GP - go to a 'travelling circus' of doctors and put it about in the public for everyone to know about - and show it too!


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Don't know!!!
An 'oozy nipple' that a drink?
An awful lot of those that appear on the show have been going to their GPs for years and been fobbed off or not properly diagnosed, others have suffered in silence thinking there was no help for them.
Because they will get the best possible treatment for free without going on a huge waiting list.
and a lot of them are given private healthcare and expensive cosmetic surgery so maybe they think its worthwhile showing all they've got.
One of the surgeons who works where I do was on it a week or so ago apparently.

I don't watch it, too much like work but yes, I do wonder why some people would want to get their 'bits' out for the masses.
Apart from the benefits for the 'patient' it encourages other people to visit their GP's, you'd be surprised how many people *are* too embarassed.

It helps when you see you're not on your own.

I think it's a well presented programme, I like their non sensational casual approach, it's encouraging.
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Well, not watching it before I didn't know they could go on and get free treatment, perhaps I understand it better now.

And above that should read that I 'know' the lady that won, not 'now' the lady

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Well, It's Beyond Me!!

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