Die Hard

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Mick-Talbot | 23:05 Sun 10th Feb 2013 | Film, Media & TV
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I have never watched on of these all the way through

Hardly surprising, I'm struggling but hanging on in there on this one.

Do you like them?


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No, utter garbage.
Not really, OH is watching it.
what does the title mean Die Hard . Dier would be closer
Watched the first one and it was OK. Don't like when they just go on and on and on and on......................yawn
Predictable......The first one was ok, the second same as, the third same as, the fourth get the drift. Have only watched them once. Not again!
I like them!
Harmless entertainment not to be taken seriously :)
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It's a bit .........

Tom & Jerry
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lol well i like them all
it's a bit of fun, much more so than teenage wizards or teenage vampires
I like them all too.
Recorded this one. I like them, but then I like all this kind of film as well as spookies, adventure, syfy.
I like them all too. What did you expect when you started watching?!

They are what they action popcorn flicks.
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What did you expect when you started watching?!

Stupid, pathetic, outlandish nonsense............and it has surpassed my expectations.

But Hey..... I'm still focused-ish
I liked the first one - but then it did have Alan Rickman in it!
Have seen all the 'Die Hard' Films and enjoyed them all even though they are tongue in cheek and way over the top. Good fun.
Will go and see Die Hard 5 in a week or two !
I like them

As said they are what they are , and dont pretend to be anything else .
You pays your money and takes your choice .

I dont like - romantic , musicals , films .
I like them but it has to be said that their decline can be noted in order with 4 probably being the lower plateau that 5 will no doubt match.

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Die Hard

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