Second Big Brother Racism Question

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acw | 18:52 Tue 28th Jun 2005 | Film, Media & TV
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Has anyone else noticed the racial divide in the BB house?  In our flat we've spotted it and just wondered if other people had. 

PS - YES - I finally got into BB again!  I lasted longer than any previous year though! :-)


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I think it was more than ill judged! although she is a quater sri lankan, she is definetly racist, especially after her first thing she said before she went into the house. Plus no person with normal views would call a group of ethnic minorities "monkeys"

After reading this thread, several thoughts came mind. Firstly, when Anthony called Derek a 'Malteaser head', doesn't anyone think he was partly referring to it's big, round shiny-ness of the thing? Perhaps an ill-judged comment, but we must bear in mind that Anthony's as thick as sh*te anyway.

As for Saskia calling the other group 'monkeys' to Davina being racially-feulled - what a load of bl**cks. I never liked Saskia but what she meant was obvious to anyone with half a brain.

But to the point - Yes, there is a clear divide in the house (which may well go with the departure of Saskia, who knows?) But it has nothing to do with the race of the hoiusemates on either side - try looking at thier personalities. On one side we have (had) the ladette, the Geordie lad and the cockney Londoner. (Excluding Craig, who's motives are fuelled by a special someone ^_~) On the other side is a femenist Zimbabwean prnicess *** nurse, a transvestite belly dancing moslem, a Tory aristocrat, among others.

My point is the divide seems to be down to differences in personalities. The flamboyant characters attract, as do the 'normal' ones. The fact theat the majority of the ormers are black thgemselves has nothing to do with it, in my opinion, and is merely coincidental. In a country where we now write on 'chalk-boards' instead of black-boards and Baa-Baa-Black-Sheep has been shunned to be replaced with the user-friendly 'Baa-Baa-Fluffy-Sheep', I find this overly-PC-ness incredably patronising and rather offensive. Instead of highlighting the topics of colour and race, shoudn't we be playing them down so that they just aren't an issue? I've always held the view that integration is the answer, not segregation.

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Second Big Brother Racism Question

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