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newbie | 14:53 Sat 05th Jan 2013 | Film, Media & TV
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I m a BT infinity user and receive broadband through fibre optics. So have had excellent service. But increasingly over the last few months the wifi is at best hit and miss but usually non existent. I complained to BT who got me to reset the hub and allsorts which of course did give us wifi but temporary. Everytime I contact them they tell me the service is working and I cannot disagree because at that point it is! Can we boost the wifi signal or does anyone know if we can improve it. Also when we reset the hub etc it disconnected the broadband I receive through an ethernet cable to my desktop. Cannot now access the internet even though when I connect the ethernet cable to another omputer we get the internet. Why won't my computer now accept when it worked with no problems before. Any help with these issues would be gratefully received. Thanks


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Have you tried doing the diagnostic stuff on the laptop or whatever you are trying to get wifi on? You might also ask a friend to bring their laptop or tablet over and try to connect. Make sure that your hub is not near huge lumps of metal or sources of magnetism.
I think when you go into the router settings you can change the channel. You may find if you change the channel you will get a better reception.
How long have you had your filters? They may need replacing.

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Touble With Wifi

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