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bibblebub | 18:59 Mon 31st Dec 2012 | Film, Media & TV
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Is remembering not to confer for starter questions the quiz equivalent of trying to pat ones head at the same time as rubbing ones tummy? Today's lot of contestants seem particularly bad at keeping to this simple rule.


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Jeremy seems to be very lax with them as they're 'celebrities'. Have I missed it today? It's in my planner but not showing as starting again until Wednesday?
Question Author
it was just on BBC2 (5:30 to 6pm)
It was on but I was on here, so it didn't distract me
Drat but thanks, I've redone the series link.
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you didn't miss much, they were quite rubbish even though the Scots qualified for the final
Question Author
i meant semi-finals
I missed it too. Funny time to put it on.
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i've missed most of them and only stumbled across today's by accident
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for anyone who might not realise that it's on, today's show is just starting
Reminder's just come up thanks bibble
thanks for the reminder!
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that Liverpool captain is a twit
you are being unfair to twits, bibble.... very arrogant he is IMO
Johnson of New is pretty hot (brain-wise).
Has Wong got one wrong?

Just had to say it!
I got one right that none of them got ie "Stamford" (prison experiment!!
tut, it's Stanford to be a pedant about it......
Typo sorry!! By the way Rachel Johnson is Boris's sister Dt - did you know?

Now that I didn't know - was she a member of the Cowingdon Club?
It's mainly only the celebrity adults who struggle with the "You may NOT confer!" bit - students are much better at getting that right.

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