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vodkancoke | 10:25 Tue 11th Dec 2012 | Media & TV
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I don't know if you know, but The Real Housewives of DC is on ITV2 in the afternoons. :)


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watched the 1st. one. rubbish. bring back TRHONY.
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It gets better. The skinny blonde one and her hubby are the two who gatecrashed the White's very funny.
Anyone know if there's going to be another series of Orange County?
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They are up to season 8 in the US I think, I'm not sure when we get to see the new ones.
I do love NY too. Ramona amazes me, she's just bonkers.
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She's mental! lol
Do you think she does have a problem with alcohol, or is she just unhinged?

I love how she picks a fight, says horrible things and then scarpers before the other person can say anything back.
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I think she may have a problem with alcohol but then again, she could just be a flakey person naturally lol
They only made one series of D.C. Housewives it was then dropped. I have seen all the Housewives series. The Vancouver one I couldnt get into or the Atlanta one. I am watching the Miami one at the moment.

Orange County is back in the Spring of next year.
Thanks, Sammy.
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I've seen them all too, I'm obsessed! I couldn't get into the Miami one. I have seen this DC one before online. It's not the best but the White House scenes and their dodgy explanation at the reunion is priceless!
I am also watching the Housewives of Beverley Hills at the moment.

Vodancoke, I am also addicted to them lol.

The first one I ever watched was the Housewives of New Jersey, there was a character called Daniella Staub, she was seriously loopy. I have noticed in ever series of Housewives there is always a character that is loopy or is prime picking for arguing with, lol
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RHONJ season 1 is what got me hooked. I am watching season 4 on Bio...sadly with no Danielle but Teresa is almost as mental!

Beverly Hills is fab too. The new season is on Bio soon I think.
Maryasol's Mum, Elsa in Housewives of Miami is a real character, I think she is very funny. I have seen photos of her online before her horrendous plastic surgery, she really was a beauty.

Teresa of New Jersey, she is really jealous of her sister-in-law, and who wouldnt be, she is gorgeous.
I'm loving it!! The English one - 'Cat' really reminds me of someone but I can't think who and it's driving me mad!!
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Lol she reminds me of Geri Halliwell for some unknown reason! :/

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Fao Real Housewives Fans

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