Top Gear last night - need song title is poss?

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Blinky | 15:47 Mon 13th Jun 2005 | Media & TV
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Hi, does anybody know the name of the song that was in the feature where Jeremy had the puppy in the car and was asking women which one they would choose?
Or if there's a webste that has the song listings?Thanks in advance!


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not sure if its the tune u r after but i know snowden by doves was used during the feature.

and it was richard btw not jezzer !

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Cheers Mattk, i blame the guy at work who asked me this question for making me look stupid as i only saw the last half of it and i said i'd find out for him, i swear told me it was Jeremy...
It's probably a good chance it was that song as both of us like a lot of band music and he said he thought i would have known who it was by if i'd seen it.

Cheers ;0)

the tune when he drove that convert db9 was also hands of time by Groove armada
i think running battle by kasabian was used around that time of the show as well.. well the intro was. sorry to waste ur time if uve already found the answer tho! lol

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Top Gear last night - need song title is poss?

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