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LoftyLottie | 17:49 Fri 05th Oct 2012 | Media & TV
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I knew today I had seen him somewhere before. Played Ken's younger brother in Corrie all those years ago. Hasn't aged as well as his older brother! Not a question - just thinking how clever of me to remember face from 50 years ago.


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Forgot the link - old age :o(

he's been in lots of programmes going back 55 years

(that's the link i intended to include)
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Oh! I have never noticed before. I just thoughthow very old he looked - older than 75.
david was his name in corrie
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It was pug, and I remember him well. He went off to Australia if I remember rightly and later he died out there. It makes me feel very old indeed!!
Anyone know if Zara's coming back? It was mentioned she was on maternity
leave, but I think she had the baby quite a while ago.
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Is this a Doctors thread or a corrie thread, lol!
I dont remember that far back, I'm too young!!!!!
Quite right cupid. Lol. She has to come back at some point as where would Daniel's character go from here?
Thats what I thought. I think Jimmy finds out soon. I'm fed up with Barbie's guilt trips. Aren't you?
Ahhhh no. Jimmi can't find would kill him!!
Sorry didn't mean to spoil it for you. But it's inevitible really!
He'll wash his hands of her, lol!!
No, no. You haven't spoilt it cupid, it's just a case of "when". Her stress levels are a bit OTT, I agree.
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I am all confused now with Doctors and Corrie. Old age!!!
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and Craig, yes it was at the same time as Concepta, Harry Hewitt, Ena, Minnie and Martha!!!! ;o)

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