Game of Thrones.... for Virgin* (not Sky) viewers

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knowabit | 08:46 Tue 11th Sep 2012 | Media & TV
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If you are with Virgin and not Sky, this programme that was on Sky Atlantic is starting on Sky One on Sunday night. It's meant to be really good.

*as in the media company, not actual virgins!!


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The 2nd series?

I've watched the first and its gobsmackingly awesome.

Dont watch it with small children though, its very very graphic.
Thanks for the info. I wanted to watch this but couldn't due to being a Virgin subscriber. I am switching to SKY on Friday so it looks like I will miss out again unless they repeat season 1. lol
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It is Season One.... and you'll still get it if you switch to Sky.
I assume that all those programmes they showed on Sky Atlantic will eventually get an airing on Sky One?
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Boo.. I've heard some wonderful things about a midget and a Queen!!
Season one again? Oh.

Can't recommend it enough knowabit, it's superb.
Hi.Not having sky I have to rely on friends letting me watch their recordings so I have missed a few episodes so in a nutshell " wotsitallitabout?" My interpretation is that there seems to be seven kingdoms vying for supremecy of the "Iron Throne" which at present seems to be controlled by a demented child and his mother.Am I right?. I have to say I am hooked onto this series now so keep the info coming.
I'd like to have the choice of being with Virgin but alas the cable dosen't reach where I live!

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Game of Thrones.... for Virgin* (not Sky) viewers

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