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alan-r | 10:39 Fri 10th Aug 2012 | Film, Media & TV
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how could Marlon hope to get custody of his love child after all its mother and paddy are are a stable loving couple ,unlike neurotic Marlon, surely she will have more of a claim on this child in these circumstances


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Nope, she wont
Mother and father have equal rights (he is on the birth cert) as does the baby
The father sees the baby regularly, the bay loves his father, if they disappear for 2 years that baby will no longer know its father
The court will find in his favour
PS: In this case is Marlon is looking for custody? Or does he just want to stop them taking the baby out of the UK?
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so will the child know its mother ?? don't see your logic on this
Anything can, and does, happen in Soapland. Their rules, laws & and regulations are different to the rest of the UK.

The outcome of it all will probably be no-one goes anywhere.
they have equal parental rights, therefore she cannot take their son abroad without the fathers permission. If she still wants to go, without her son, that's her choice.
And no he's not going for custody, jut preventing them taking his child without his consent.
MArlon is not leaving the country
Didnl;t register other replies, sorry

Alan, the father is only stopping the child leaving the country, not the mother
IF the mother chooses to do that then sorry, she is in no way a good mother and any mother who does move a child half way across the world is not considering anyone but herself and her needs, not those of the child

If you have kids, your life gets put on hold
as it is a soap the writers can get the story to go anyway they want, when you think the moron Marlon cant keep a wife then looking after a sprog is beyond him,
oh dear, vitriol over soap character?
It's only a story, I agree with Dodger.
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yeh were intelligent enough to know this is "soapland"??
but theres mean to get us involved in the story line,otherwise what would be the point of producing the programme
please.dont say read a book instead !
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"there meant" (not theres mean) lol not got my contacts in yet its early
being on the birth certificate is no longer enough, the parent not resident with the child and not legally married to the mother has to have a parental responsibility order to have any legal say in the life of the child
alan-r i am not a fan of soaps but Mrs B is so, much as i hate to say this, for the most part the characters come across pretty good, the stories twist and turn, and this thread has got people talking about it. This is just my view as a poor hen pecked bloke who has to either sit quietly and watch or go in the kitchen.
or do the washing up- ironing, gardening baza, idle hands and all that....
Ive normally done the washing up when Emmedale starts.

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