Line Of Duty

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rockyracoon | 23:12 Tue 24th Jul 2012 | Media & TV
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Whoa, anyone watch the last one tonight? Shocker!


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I wasn't impressed with the way it was going, had it series linked on my Freeview box and was going to delete it without watching the most recent episode but you've whetted my appetite now and I'll have to have a gander when I get home tomorrow night.
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Yes watch it Spike, it was very good.
Without giving anything away, would the lorry driver not have contradicted the "official version" of events?
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Corby, that's exctly what I asked the OH.
I got a bit lost to be honest!

It was extremely well acted and very well directed but the plot got a bit too rediculous in the end. Seemed like it needed to finish tonight so it did come what may.
Maidup I don't think it has finished tonight...........roll on the next series as I've loved this one.
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I'm not watching a second series if they make one, the whole dynamics of this series won't be there. Very good show though, thoroughly enjoyed watching it.
Oh no - couldn't watch another series; not without Lennie James (DCI Gates)
I thought it was a huge let-down - poorly scripted ending leading to a giant cop-out & a rushed finale. Well-acted (mostly) & produced, it deserved better, IMO.

Very, very disappointed.
Aye Lie-In King, all that subtitle stuff at the end seemed like laziness somehow.
I agree completely Douglas, as though the writers suddenly realised the deadline was on them & the director had a holiday booked...
^^^ lol - exactly.
We viewers can't be left knowing that we have another bent copper in DS "Dot" Cotton. He must be brought to justice, or walk in front of a truck. The Neil Morrissey character, DS "Nige" Morton is probably bent too, and not just his leg.
thoroughly enjoyed!

but, yes! a tiny bit too 'resolved' in the end!
next series please!
Sorry to post late. What about the poor young man with a body in his freezer?

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