Mateo from Benidorm..

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Smowball | 11:03 Mon 16th Jul 2012 | Media & TV
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Just heard him being interviewed on TV and was so shocked to hear his real voice! I actually did think he was Spanish lol. Doesn't sound sexy at all in real life!


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I think he is hilarious in Benidorm
I wonder if he is at least half Spanish as he does the accent to perfection, and he does speak Spanish sometimes in the programme. I agree with Tony - he is hilarious. Probably the funniest character in the show really
Just checked him out and he's actually Italian. Speaks six languages!
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He speaks so polite and British, he actually sounds a tad feminine.
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I absolutely love the programme - could watch it over and over!
HELP !!! Has anyone got Sundays Daily Mail Reward numbers that they HAVEN'T USED???? I missed out on the paper.. Thanks ever such a lot ! (in advance of the good deed) John.

I love this clip, Smow - white jeans with black tight t-shirt....drool - I would, wouldn't you ?
I always think he looks seedy !
His character in Benidorm is certainly sleazy. But I suspect that in real life he is gorgeous
He was running around naked in last nights episode he has a lovely physic
If you listen really carefully, on some occasions, his Spanish accent does slip slightly, but that said, it's probably hard to maintain to a high level all the time.

Great series, I just hope they don't jump the shark and make any more - they got pretty close this last series, so it is time to stop now.
Gosh, he does sound a tad feminine doesn't he and he acts a bit 'camp' too when he speaks.

I don't find him remotely attractive either as Mateo or in real life. Far too greasy looking.

Agree with Chap.
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Its the accent that I like!
Nothing like a Spanish accent. I have had a couple of Spanish boyfriends in my life, one was quite long lasting ;o) Worked in Spain for a while, but not in Benidorm. Mind you it was in Benidorm where Mr LL proposed to me on a rainy November night. We were both inebriated!!
I didn't mean his accent is not like a Spanish accent - I meant there is nothing quite like a sexy Spanish accent!!!

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Mateo from Benidorm..

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