Harry and Paul Cafe Polski incidental music

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BB1961 | 22:10 Sat 16th Jun 2012 | Media & TV
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Harry and Paul. Second series, episode two. The dreamed kiss scene in Cafe Polski. What is the romantic orchestrated music that plays briefly while they embrace? Is it anything, or was it written just for the scene?

This is a hilarious moment, especially when Harry's character is snapped out of his fantasy by the sharp voice of Laura Solen's; but viewed on another level, if you can filter out the canned laughter, it always strikes me as an extremely sad and moving scene: a middle-aged man in the autumn of his life, having fallen for a beautiful young girl, dreams of a love affair, the like of which is very many years behind him. The brief but exquisite piece of music captures the mood and intensity of this sub-text perfectly. (Or is it just me who sees it like that? Lol.)


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Harry and Paul Cafe Polski incidental music

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