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Eve | 20:53 Sun 10th Jun 2012 | Media & TV
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I posted a similar question a while back and got a great response. Spending a lot of time resting so good to have a stash of stuff to watch and sod all good it seems on normal TV at the moment.

I loved Pretty Little Liars, Grimm and Alcatraz and also been watching Gossip Girl, Lost Girl, Ringer, Breakout Kings and just getting into The 4400 and Homeland. Still need to give Trueblood and some others a try.

Thought I'd see if there were any more suggestions. Have heard of a new one called Chicago Fire which looks promising too though not sure if/when it will make it over here!

So frustrating so many good ones are being cancelled though, House finished (not watched the end series yet though), Alcatraz, Breakout Kings and Ringer and GG going into its last series.


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Have you seen Hit and Miss (its about a man living as a woman (can't remember the correct term) who is a hit man (woman?). Think it's on one of the sky channels, I am a bit undecided but sticking with it. V disappointed with Starlings though, but will stick with it now.
Body of Proof and Harry's Law are both good and recommended.

By the way, does anyone know what happened to Awake on Sky? It's disappeared off SkyGo.
Daytime or evening TV? Or both??
Well I hope someone recommended Once Upon A Time (Sunday nights, Channel 5) - best thing on at the moment.But you need to see it from the start...
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Thanks for those :) Evening Smow. Seen ads for Revenge which looks quite good too and will look up Awake, heard of it but not seen any.
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New TV Show Ideas Recommendations

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