Prometheus alien familiar?

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Anngel123 | 16:17 Sun 10th Jun 2012 | Media & TV
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I went to see Prometheus. The alien reminded me of a work by an artist, but I am blowed if I can remember which one. It is likely to be around the Art Deco period I would have thought. Anyone else been to see it and made the same conclusion? Many thanks.


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isn't it the alien from "alien"?
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Have you seen the film? I mean the grey one who looks like a man....
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Venator, no, but WOW!
IT is not the alien but the creators I am interested in.
Just in case you think that because no one has responded, you must be going mad... I know exactly what you mean.

I can picture some early 20th century paintings ( or is it sculpture) that resemble the Prometheus humanoid alien. I think its the strong prominent nose that reminds me the said art. My first thoughts were Italian fascist art or Russian communist art, but no amount of Googling has unearthed anything yet! I'll keep Googling and thinking.
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Stoofur, that is similar. But this was bigger in the picture and may have had some machinery in the head. Will look at William Blake though...he may have done it. I thought it was Dali originally but can't find anything like it on the list.
It's a long shot, but could you be thinking of the somewhat obscure "La Planete Sauvage" film?
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Le's close but not right. thanks for trying. I am starting to wonder if I have imagined the picture.
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Nope Thanks though
This is one of those questions that prove that Google still has a long way to go. I'm sure eventually you will be able to "Google a picture" and ask such a question as you have...but just not yet.

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Prometheus alien familiar?

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