Eastenders Derek on Children's TV

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scoobysoo | 22:09 Wed 06th Jun 2012 | Media & TV
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PLEASE help. My parents insist they recently saw Jamie Foreman on a children's TV programme but I can find no reference to this. It's nothing from the seventies, not Dr Who or Oliver Twist, but a programme on one of the kid's channels recently. Any ideas?


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Thanks but I checked IMDB and it was a recent programme
Whenever he appears on EE I think he is auditioning for a Dickensian baddie
knowing the channel could help
lol ric, very true
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Well...they said CBeebies but I would just take that with a pinch of salt. I think they were mistaken as I can find no record of him being in a recent kid's programme yet they insist they know better than all the biographies on the internet!!
could he have been a book reader for the CBeebies bedtime story??
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That's what I thought knowabit, but they say it was a drama and he was acting. I'm starting to think they imagined the whole thing!!!

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Eastenders Derek on Children's TV

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