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Caribeing | 20:55 Wed 06th Jun 2012 | Media & TV
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Much as I love some of them and they have contributed to the entertainments business greatly don't you think it is time for them to bow out gracefully, Paul Mc Cartney, Elton John, Cliff, Madonna, Barry Manilow, I watched Neil Diamond on American Idol and he was dire. They are all wealthy and don't need the money so stop giving us earache.


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Quite agree with you, they will spoil their reputation in the long run if they give concerts which do them no favours soundwise.
21:35 Wed 06th Jun 2012
good question, but i hope the jubilee concert just had some sound problems ...
Neil Diamond's voice was failing 20 years ago!

Macca sounded pretty rough the last time I heard him sing.

I can't recall hearing the others you mention recently but there are some 'senior' performers who are still as good as ever. Tom Jones just goes from strength to strength!
Why should any of them retire ?

If the fans stop buying, tickets/songs etc ...then they will be forced into retirement , until then

♪ ♫ ♬Carry on regardless . ♪ ♫ ♬
I tend to agree with you Mary - the jubilee concert sounded awful on the television. I am still a Beatles fan, but McCartney sounded really grim and was hardly recognisable.
I think we are all spoilt by listening to music that has been produced in a studio, and tweeked to perfection. It comes as a shock to many to hear it raw.

Personally I thought the concert was excellent, and I thoroughly enjoyed it (except Cheryl Cole, who can't sing)
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Hi Mick, because their voices have retired. but as you say if fans want to keep buying tickets, ok up to each one how they spend their money.
Quite agree with you, they will spoil their reputation in the long run if they give concerts which do them no favours soundwise.
Well the good news is that McCartney is doing the Olympics.........closing ceremony I think, so that is something to look forward to.
not to mention Engelbert
I agree with mick, as long as people still want to see them live and buy their products then they can feel free to work as long as they want to.

people who dont like them dont have to listen to them
Sorry - he's closing the opening ceremony,
The idea of the concert was to cover the sixty years of Liz's reign - hence inevitably some oldies were required.

Liz hasn't bowed out gracefully, so why should they ?
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I loved the beatles they were my era, one of my favourite songs ever was Yesterday by Paul but he is getting on now voice wise.
MaryT. I agree with you totally They have all been briilliant in there heyday but they can't go on forever. The problem is who have we got to replace them?
its not really your choice to make. they will retire when they feel like it.
I think that all acts for the concert should have been from the uk or the commonwealth.
And why did Stevie Wonder sing Happy Birthday???????
I have often wondered that but there is no0one with their talent, stamina, and longevity coming through. I suppose Take That are the nearest of the new acts.

I am 54 and still djing all the time along my my friend of the same age. There are no up-and-coming djs in our area who have the variety of music or the willingness to actally go out and perfom as often as we do.
Not Madonna, I still think she's a great entertainer ..
Madonna is an has been, younger and better new kid on the block now Lady GaGa imo.

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