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Dee-M-See | 22:37 Fri 01st Jun 2012 | Media & TV
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How will Tommy get rid of evil Rick?


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SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He kidnaps Rita on her way to the wedding and holds her for ransom to get the girl, Tommy's girlfriend, to bring the drugs. Don't know how it works out from there.
Perhaps he will fix the brakes on his car?
Who is getting married?
Rita is marrying Dennis Tanner on Monday!
I always watch Corrie but the story seems a bit odd to me. The debts have nothing to do with Tommy
those thugs are loan sharks so they don't care who pays back the money as long as it paid.
'family is family', apparently F30!

the old chestnut wedding day traumas abound ... can't the writers let anything go smoothly??

and again all the neighbours are invited!
Why shouldn't the neighbours be invited - she's known most of them for years!
it will all end in tears.
rita will give him the money!
not sure why but i read the reviews of a couple of the soaps, and they always give out the plots well in advance. Rita being kidnapped for instance, i have just about given up watching anyway
Tyrone's girlfriend will Glasgow kiss the baddie and make a citizen's arrest.
Tyrone's girlfriend will glasgow kiss anyone!!!!
She scares me.....and I'm George the Fifth!!
I think she's I mean obviously has anger issues.
Maybe the rest of the cast will shout

"He's Behind You"
I think you look lovely in your tiara Mick.................
Is anyone else getting fed up with this story line? Tommy has absolutely no obligation to repay Terry's debt given that Terry is still (unfortunately!!!) alive & well. If Tommy had any sense, he would have told Rick this at the beginning of this(very) long saga & completely stayed out of what is essentially Terry's problem. I appreciate that Tommy had wanted to help his dad out in the beginning. However, Terry completely conned him and Tommy owes him absolutely nothing so he should have told Rick that he should chase Terry for the money. Terry deserves everything he gets from Rick & his cronies!!! Is it just me or does anyone else find Rick not in the slightest bit intimidating!!!

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