Long Lost Family

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Hocum | 21:21 Thu 24th May 2012 | Film, Media & TV
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Do any of you watch this? Everytime i do i end up in tears.
This has to be one of the best shows on tv, it's on Itv1 now


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Once you've seen one, you've seen em all.
I watch it every week and cry buckets. Don't know why as I'm not that attched to my family (apart from partner and daughter and late mother). I wondered tonight, do you think they really only find out their missing person is found when Davina or Nicky tells them as they're filming or do they know already and re-enact for the camera?
I like to watch it some interesting backgrounds.
I want to see one where they say 'sorry we couldnt trace anyone'
You obviously have been very lucky Zacs-Master to never have been in this sort of situation.

The two sister's story exactlyi] mirrors my late husband's life story. He met his birth mother after searching for her and after becoming quite close to us and her grandchildren, she suddenly stopped all contact with him. He had two natural sisters, who had been kept.

He was rejected [i]twice] and it hurt him deeply. I've shed a tear for him tonight.
I didn't watch it this evening, but I usually do and I know that I'll be sniffling when they meet.
I have seen a bit of it but can't watch nicky campbell without thinking what an arse he is so it puts me off! I have never seen anyone with less charisma on tv.
I didn't see your post chrissa, that is so sad and hurtful to be rejected twice.
Thank you ayg. It was, at the time inexplicable and he must have wondered, why?
Zacs - if you're adopted and you don't know your birth family, there is a huge hole inside you and you're always wondering. The worst day is your birthday because you wonder if you're real mum is thinking of you.

I found my birth family ten years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. I only wish my adoptive mother had not been so selfish and helped me a lot earlier in life, instead of leaving it until I was 57. I never did meet my birth mum, she died a couple of days after she was traced, but she admitted that she had given me away, so I wasn't rejected again. , but I now have six brothers and sisters, which is wonderful.
Good on you Tizzi24. Sad, but happy too.

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Long Lost Family

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