What has happened to friendsreunited?

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flipnflap | 20:47 Wed 02nd May 2012 | Media & TV
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You used to be able to go on the website, search a person or school and bob was your uncle. Now I can't work it out at all. Please someone explain!


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They had a major row and broke up....
I agree flipnflap and haven't got a clue what's happened. I couldn't find my places, when before, it used to be so easy. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
They updated the site about a month ago. I used to use it a lot but can't find my way round it at all, not even around my own profile. I'm quite peeved about it actually.
The couple that started it did the right thing and sold it just at the right time. It`s been sold on and sold on and is now unrecognisable. I removed my name from it altogether recently because I don`t think anyone uses it now. The site`s not user-friendly at all.
I can't figure out how to use it now, and I'm the same with Facebook and this new Timeline.
I don't think I'll go back to Friends Reunited and if Timeline becomes compulsory I'll be coming off Facebook too.
glad im not the only one who is totally lost with the new friends reunited, I don't even know how to get on my own profile. Also I agree with you about facebook, if the new timeline becomes compulsory I may join Twitter lol
yes I dont like the new look, what happened to the schools stuff it used to have? it is rubbish now!
Oh, I thought it was just me with Friends Reunited. That explains that.
I always wondered if most people hasn't already stayed in touch with those people with whom they wanted to stay in touch.

I get a lot of my work from girls who were in my old house at school, and girls from the house in years behind me seem to crop up as contacts of contacts, but I wouldn't go fishing on the web to find them.

Maybe Friends Reunited served its purpose for a while.
I was only saying the same thing last week, I agree, it's totally impossible to navigate now.
I thought it was great when it first appeared and got in touch with loads of school pals and had several reunions, but out of all the old school pals I found, I've only stayed in contact with a few.
JJ is right, it served a purpose for a while but I think it's had it's day now.
I have'nt been of FR for nearly two years now, just kept forgetting. I tried
to have a look this am, but have to find password first, forgotten that too!!

Will look later, so by all the remarks on here, I'm in for a tough time.
I only realised a change was afoot, when they sent me an email, saying they
were removing all wee-mees...I loved that one, boohoo.
I just went there, still able to log in automatically. The only thing I couldn't do was search for a person by name which seems to give the lie to the name.
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Why on earth would someone buy FR - at some considerable cost, no doubt - then effectively destroy it? Bizarre
Ah! I am so glad it isn't just me!! I have tried twice to find my way round and abandoned it. i may well just abandon FR altogether now............
Does anyone know how to send them a copy of this post????
The way it is, defeats the object. I joined it in 2005 I think. I was able to look up my old school year and find old friends and also, when I put in the last school I taught in, there was a list of the kids I taught. It was wonderful.

If I'd had to input a name, I would never have found these kids, (now grown-ups).
Moved from my home city to study Got married, moved again then went abroad. Had children, moved back to this country, moved again. Not difficult to lose touch.
Found some friends on Friends Reunited. Still in touch. Gave upon my last visit to the site.
Friendreunited was superseded by Facebook. That`s what finished them. When they first started they were quite an innovative idea. I remember spending a winter sunday afternoon looking at it when I was recovering from a saturday night out at a friend`s house and she was a member. It was fascinating to read up on what happened to all the kids I knew at school. We had our first and only school reunion thanks to Friendsreunited. One of my work colleagues left her husband and went off with someone she met on there. It was of it`s day though. I wouldn`t be surprised if it disappears altogether in the next year or so.
It's a shame though because it serves a different purpose to facebook, particularly where schools are concerned. I was also a teacher and I've been contacted by loads of ex-pupils through FR. Because of a name change they'd never find me on FB and nothing would probably jog them into doing so either (like class year lists do).
What the fork has happened to all those memories? My school didn't exist after 1961! Who wiped all that information off the planet?

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