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SUNSHINER | 08:17 Wed 04th Apr 2012 | Film, Media & TV
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I re-tuned this morning, but although the other channels seem to be ok, I can't get any BBC channels! Any suggestions?


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Try again later?
Had same problem. Ended up totally re-instaling system, rather than updating channels. Worked a treat.
What area are you?

If you are on the crystal palace group of transmitters there will be work going on throughout the day as each transmitter in the group gets switched at different times with some of them not being switched until mid afternoon, so I'd suggest trying this evening.

Also the switch is done in two stages, stage one is today, stage two is on the 18th, so until stage two is complete you may not have all channels. If you've still not got all channels after the 18th you may need to upgrade your antenna.
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Thanks for your advice. I am in the Mitcham area so we do come under Crystal Palace. I will try agin when I get in from work. I have also been advised that the TV also needs to be retuned, so I'll give that a go too.
Did anyone else have to do the TV aswell?
You only need to do the TV if it has a freeview tuner built into it.

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