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DTCwordfan | 21:12 Sat 24th Mar 2012 | Media & TV
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The nasal mouth organ player, how snotty was that?


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Susan Boyle moment tonight?
The young duo , well the male voice is simply superb.
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me thinks too.....and Paul what's his name who won the first show.

The German was just plain crazy, the Welsh choir alright, the kid on the guitar pretty good but what a load of junk for the rest.
The opera singers were brilliant.You cant go by looks can ya lol
Just great!!!!

The opera singers were brilliant! You must be joking. She was flat for a start and he was OK at best. You were overcome by the fact that one person sang in tune:-)
Simon was very sarcastic as usual before he heard the opera singer guy, then when he sang, well Simon could see money money money. What a shame that Simon will benefit, after his remarks From what I can remember, he said something like "Oh no, not another one". He was proved wrong again. A SuBo moment. Hope this young guy stays stable though, apparently he has had a nervous breakdown already due to bullying at school, what will BGT do to him?
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Yes, she was suspect on her tuning and very thin and reedy. SC will put pressure on them to split at some point......rebuffed this time but won't be his last attack.
This young man needs a hair cut and a smart suit, there is absolutely nothing wrong with his voice but I feel like the girl could be putting him off as she is no way in the same league as him.
If I was on that panel I would ask for them to perform separately to see if she can make it through without him.
Missprim, He said on the stage, we came as a duo we will stay as a duo, his life isnt about wealth its about being a success, money doesnt do that for everybody. if he follows his dreams with that young lady singing with him he will be a success, great career looming for both of them!!
I think the big fella needs the girl for confidence at the moment but suspect at some point she might bow out anyway when he's ready to do it on his own. They're a nice duo but he is clearly better than her and if he wants a sucessful career then ultmately he is better doing it on his own as her voice is no where near as powerful as his and she will hold him back. I agreed with Simon.
Absolutely agree with China. She's his confidence. I think she might walk away gracefully when he doesn't need her anymore.

Sam Kelly was very good.
The highlight for me was David Walliams............and I don't usually like him.
Ratter I never mentioned wealth and money but I would still say he would be more successful without her career wise.
missprim, I didn't mean to imply that you said that, im just saying that having heard this guy talking on the show I think that the two of them working together would be more important to him than any amount of money, I think she means a lot to him, she believes in him and encourages him. If she makes a living off of him, Im sure he will be more than happy with that.
Oh I see what you mean Ratter but if he was told by people in the know that he would be more successful without her then I hope she would give him her blessing and encouragement and I hope he would gain in confidence with time.I don't think he would have entered for the money side of it I think he just wants us to hear his talent.
It was the first time I've watched it and I only did it to see David Walliams and he didn't disappoint.
I think he needs her right now to build his confidence up! Then he will have to see whether it will be best to break with her when she may tell him that he will be better off without her? Its early day, and good luck to them both .
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Agree about David Williams and some of his remarks were brilliantly cutting.....

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