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Tizzi24 | 10:06 Tue 06th Mar 2012 | Media & TV
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I missed a bit of Whitechapel last night. Could anyone tell me why the Morgan got killed. I know the woman who did it was the mother of Luke who was doing the killings, but why did she kill her and who was Morgan talking to on the phone, or was it just a personal call as she said?


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I assume it was for the same reason her son had previously attacked her. I think I heard it said that she gave evidence at the trial of the killer's father or brother, can't remember which, and his mother saw her in the nick and killed her. I have no idea who she was talking to on the phone.

Something like that anyway.

I may well be completely wrong.
It wasn't a trial, it was an inquest into why he died helping someone carry their bags up four flights of stairs. The lift had been vandalised.
When the cop came in to apologise, she was on the phone and said 'bye, mum', so maybe we assume she was talking to her mum?
Morgan got killed because she had attended the inquest and had stated that Dave had died from heart disease.....why she was asked I have no idea as she was a psychiatrist not a pathologist. Also before Luke died he said he had wished he had killed Morgan so maybe his Mum finished the job. Also Kent went to see Morgan to apologise....he knew something was wrong about her so maybe he allowed Luke's mum access to Morgan...after all she was sitting very conveniently outside the room where Morgan was. I think they sort of confused themselves and the viewers in this one !
Thank gawd the series has finished - gave me the willies. I only watched it to see Rupert double barrel change his shirt
I wish this was on longer I really enjoy this series
i watched i to the end, but i found it very confusing
I loved it too but also found it confusing!
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Thank you for all your replies. I thought it was because I missed a little bit that I found it a bit confusing, but obviously not!!
I am so with you lardhelmet. It was very scary - I recorded it and watched in during daylight! Worth it for Rupert though Mmmmmm
Didn't she also say at his inquest that she didn't think he was particularly bothered by the kids who were vandalising...Wheras his mum and his son thought that was the reason for the heartattack i.e. the vandalised lift - therefore ultimately it was the kids who caused his death...But she didn't seem to think they were the problem.
Was the mother the same actress who's playing Mandy's mum in Eastenders (or did I have the wrong glasses on?)
I think beacause Kent was so suspicious of her. When she was on the phone they wanted us to think she was up to something - but really she was just phoning her mum...

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