Should I get my cousin a birthday present

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Lizi13 | 16:56 Mon 05th Mar 2012 | Media & TV
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I am ten and io just got. A new cousin should I get him a birthday present and if I should what should I get him he is not even a month old yet


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If you wish to, but you don't have to.

I think it may be wise to ask his parents what he might like. Probably a teething ring, or maybe a hanging mobile for him to watch ?
rofl, old geezer
What does rofl mean? Is this aber for real?
Roll on floor laughing chap
Ah, not real then (lol).
No, you shouldn't bother. Cousins have a habit of multiplying, and before you know it you'll have loads and birthdays & Xmas's will be a nightmare. Save your money for yourself or something special, it's not selfish - just sensible especially at your age.
Aww that's so thoughtful Lizi13 some young people can be so thoughtless these days x lucky cousin bet your mum's so proud of you.
I think a small picture frame would be lovely and you could put your first picture together in it, a lovely memory for you both to treasure through the years x

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Should I get my cousin a birthday present

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