Is this not perverted?

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flipnflap | 15:38 Sun 04th Mar 2012 | Media & TV
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Take a look at this rather typical article from The Daily Mail website today: http://www.dailymail....right-dress-town.html If men followed young women around photographing them in the hope that their flimsy skirt rode up to expose her knickers, would they not at risk of arrest? Or is it okay if (as may have been the case) this silly girl arranged to do this in front of professional photographers to get publicity for herself? Furthermore, this sort of thing is commonplace in today's tabloids and magazines, but does it only interest men and does it demean women? I believe so.


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There's nothing new under the sun
At least the was wearing modest pants!
I don't know about perverted but it is sad and desperate.
How is that perverted?
Mind you.....not too bad a pair.......of legs..

The reality of all of this is simple, papers are going to publish in print or online whatever the scenario and to be honest if folk dont like to see that sort of thing don't look at it. Self-Censorship is a great way to avoid being offended
As long as people want to see photos like this, the paparazzi will hang around to film them.
I think it's just the publicity she is looking for and she didn't seem that bothered about it. At the end of the day that's their job. It's not perverted.
Perhaps this advert should be banned?

Yes, it makes you wonder why anybody would read the Daily Mail.
Certainly not perverted, doesn't interest me in the slightest ( she's not my type) and doesn't demean women. She just had her dress fly up because it's windy and the paps shot her because that's what paps do. It's a total non event. Never did Marilyn Monroe any harm either ocme to think about it...
It's obvious she allowed it to happen to ensure continued publicity. Hardly perverted is it. No-one would say that about Marilyn in the famous white dress over drain photo!
I don't think it's perverted, she is obviously enjoying the attention of the photographer, (who just happened to be passing by). Sad really, but for a reality star that is what they crave......recognition.
Doesn't the Daily Mail have "stories" like this most days?
How is the Tena ad in your link "disgusting", aog ? Or is your use of "perhaps" a hint that you are joking? After all, the ad doesn't demean women.
I am always impressed with the way the advert girl's pants match her dress....This behaviour is a bit caveman, but there are worse things in papers than this!
Now (underlined and in italics), we know why AOG really reads the Daily Wail. Mind you, the DT has its moments of exposed Totty shots.

It isn't perverted - rather sad if they think that this sells newspapers, which I guess it does. And it isn't only men that go for this, flip, there will be some women too who find it "attractive."
Thighs need a bit more work..................she should join Giggsy in the Man Utd training sessions.

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Is this not perverted?

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