Letter Writers To Papers- Daily Record Very Late Payment Of Day

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gordie1 | 17:00 Fri 02nd Mar 2012 | Film, Media & TV
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I had a letter in and won the letter of the day in the Daily Record on 31st January and I am still waiting for my cheque for £20 I have spoken to several people who all tell me the same thing that it has been processed but not sent out yet, beware all people who write letters to the Daily Record it is unlikely you will ever see your payment


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The Injustice!!..if i were you,i should write them a letter..
I think you'll get the £20 eventually. The letter was published on the last day of the month. The money will probably be sent out on the last day of the following month,February.
i sort prizes here and it can take a month or so for them to
a/ tell me a prize has been won
b/ who won it address etc
c/ how much

then once i've wrestled the necessary info out of them, i then need to submit po's and request a cheque from head office, wait for them to send it back to me and then send it out

it can take a while...

i would ring and speak to someone in finance though
You will get it. These things, like crossword prizes, can sometimes take a 6-8 weeks to arrive. Maybe they just have a monthly run
I once had a crossword published by a computer paper - the prize was months arriving.
as sandy says, you probably just missed the January accounts so it'll be along either this month (depending how often they collate these things) or next.

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Letter Writers To Papers- Daily Record Very Late Payment Of Day

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