Young actor falls into a coma

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wakeover | 21:04 Fri 03rd Feb 2012 | Media & TV
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Can anyone remember a young actor of the late sixties (I think) who had an accident and fell into a very long coma (more than a year). I'm sure I read something about this at the time but can't find a reference now and wondered what the outcome was.


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Wakeover was this a recent event or did he fall into a coma in the sixties?!
Question Author
It was in the sixties
Could it be Victor Henry. He's mentioned in Michael Gambon's book, A life in Acting. He was knocked over by a bus and was comatose for 15 years. Can't find any more on Google so I don't know if he died or recovered.
I can only find one source in a forum which says he died after 17 years in a coma.
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That's the one Graham, thanks very much...very much.
i remember seeing him on tv in the 80s,in a film called "all neat in black stockings",which he made in the 60s,with susan george. there was an article then saying he was in a long time coma.remembered it at the time,because he seemed to be a really natural actor,and i thought how sad it was and such a waste.

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Young actor falls into a coma

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