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hc4361 | 18:17 Sun 29th Jan 2012 | Media & TV
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Am I the only that hates the new format?
Don't mind Frank Skinner but bring back one guest per episode, please, and the surprise element we often had at the end of the programme.


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I prefer it.
I like it better, so far
I think it's much better
Agree with above
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Just me, then :(
No HC - I'm with you. The one I watched seemed to lack spontaneity and seemed a bit contrived.
No you're not alone. I prefer the old format too. There's too much to pack in now and as much as I like Frank Skinner I can't watch him on TV as he shoehorns in material from his radio show at every opportunity.
I've recorded it worth watching?
at 55 he's gonna be a dad
I Prefer the old format as well, it seems too hurried now, much less debate than there used to be.
Yes craft. Good guests. Great programme. we prefer the new format btw
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I felt the host was better able to draw the guest out in previous series. Some episodes were classics, such as Jeremy Clarkson, Patrick Moore, Ian Hislop (with Merton as the host), Peter Cook and Michael Parkinson who chopped Emu's head off.

I really enjoyed the cheesy music that played when items were consigned to Room 101 as well. I think Nick Hancock was my favourite host, although Paul Merton was good too.
The planners' thinking is - one guest a viewer doesn't like - no viewer. Three guests, chances are higher a viewer will like one of them at least, and will watch and put up with the disliked one(s) to see the liked one - increased viewing figures.

I just get annoyed that it is called 'Room 101' which is a misnomer for the format of the programme, but that's me being a literature pedant!
If you have a copy of the Mail on Sunday, the reviewer in the Live mag gives it a good review. hc this is for you:

I didn't realise it had been going that long
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Thanks, headbanger, I remember it well.
i liked the old format, but i like this one to some degree as well. its just the guests that grate me. some b list comedian sandwiched between two c list tv "celebrities". its turning into the much hated panel show type arrangement that keeps people like sarah millican and rufus hound in paid employment.
always enjoyed the previous show with paul merton. watched the first one with frank skinner and the " guests " rubbish !

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