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Ankou | 11:37 Wed 25th Jan 2012 | Media & TV
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isn't it about time it gave up?

it used to be a comedy drama about promiscuous sex, violence and comedic situations.

now it just talks about sex every 3 minutes and portrays exteme gratifying violence (e.g. last nights gay bashing and rape). the comedy element has long disappeared.


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i'm a great fan of shameless but will agree that every new series gets more ridiculous and more sexually graphic the stories are fascicle,then again i will keep watching it.
I gave up the series before this one. Bring back the old cast, Veronica, Kev, Sheila etc, it was much, much better then.
Gave up on it when Sheila left last of the good characters
i gave up halfway through the last series, it was fantastic in the begining
"gratifying violence" !?
I so loved this when it came out but to me it seemed to lose it by about about the fourth series. Never watched it since.
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lol rojash, i knew what i meant!
Who got raped?
I was thinking last series that it had lost its spark...its looking tired and repetitive now.
I gave up watching just before the start of series one. I've probably missed a classic, but I just never liked the look of it.
I watched the first series with James whatshisface in and really enjoyed it but gave up mid way through second series as it just wasn't as good.

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