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cecil39 | 13:26 Mon 23rd Jan 2012 | Media & TV
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will we get another chance to see this? and is there likely to be another series? I found it hilarious.


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they are doing another road show this year. called 'Mrs Brown Rides Again'
have a look for dates in your area or
i hope they do make another series, one of the funniest programmes ive seen since inbetweeners
seen a couple of the shows at the pavillion in Glasgow - language even worse!!! was hilarious!
No wonder the UK TV and comedy is in the state it is if Mrs Brown is "hilarious"

It's crude and pathetic....written by ijiuts.
just my opinion - made me laugh!
lol DT I didn't find it to my taste, but each to their own. Just because I don't find something funny doesn't mean it isn't funny..................
Lol DT .. Thank goodness . I thought I was the only person in the whole wide world who thinks it's a load of tripe :)
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It would indeed. I find it funny for the most part, but wouldn't watch it on a regular basis as it's very samey!

Some comedies don't even raise a smile in me whilst others think them wonderful - Al Murray as the pub landlord, Ab Fab. for example and quite a few others - and how anyone can find Jimmy Carr funny beats me.

That doesn't mean though that they aren't funny.
Humour is subjective DT ;o)
It takes a lot to make me laugh - particularly modern comedians - but Mrs Browns Boys just tickles my fancy ..
I thought the first series of Mrs Browns Boys was the funnier of the two series. JMO
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its nice to hear all your opinions, and info, and yes it takes all sorts, i suppose i liked it because its old fashioned humour, but smuttier.
yes Lottie it is, and we are able to express opinions too.

I find it pathetic, some others may not.

Actually, there is a dearth of good (intelligent) humour on TV at the moment. One or two programmes perhaps qualify....
true.....soaps intelligent humour i think.....wooden trolls acting out ridiculous storylines certainly make me laugh when i happen to be channel hopping

long live mrs brown
Mr Ask enjoys watching Mrs Brown, it's the sort of old fashioned stage comedy show he used to enjoy. I'm not that keen but I'll watch it because he enjoys it.
is the tour show, the same as the tv series, please?
my mum and dad are thinking of booking up, but they only want to go if its like the tv show.

its not my cuppa tea. never watched it mind! but it just doesnt appeal, somehow.
i should give it a go sometime, maaaybeee..?... lol
I miss half of what they say because I`m in fits of laughter.
Looobs, it`s all played in front and on stage to a live audience.
hi bill,
it tickles your fancy then does it?! lol

so the live arena tour, that will be doing the rounds up anddown the county, will be just like the tv show, is that right?
Apparently so Loooby, I hope to be able to see it myself.
ok, thanks bill,
i hope my mum and dad manage to get a couple of good seats then in sept when it's in birmingham, and i hope you get to see it too, down in your neck of the woods.

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