15 kids and counting ch4

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looobylooo | 22:22 Tue 17th Jan 2012 | Media & TV
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anyone else watching this?


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no but I'm taping it it looks fascinating
Not really, two was more than enough for me !
I can't get my head around coping with so many children.....AND then when your older think of all the Grand Kids you'd have to look after :o(
My mum's watching it and i'm hearing little bits.. I think it's sad that they don't all fit round the dinner table :(
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it must be totally exhausting! - they all look happy enough though
its a nice idea but practically it must be very tiring, expensive and the kids probably yearn for personal space
I might try and watch it now if it's on 4od... masterchef was on the other side :c)

Personally I think 15 kids would mean you couldn't nurture your children properly as you would never have enough time to give all the children the attention they deserve. But this is probably quite judgemental of me.
I'm the youngest of 7 and can't say that I noticed being neglected tbh - you only have your own experience and have nothing to measure against. I think that the elder kids tend to help with the younger ones. My mum said that after 3 it didn't make any difference...and you always have someone to play with!!
I watched it, they worked hard to rear these children, credit to them for that, but it all seemed very chaotic!............and I think that the children did miss out sometimes............
I didn't watch it but there must come a point when there are too many children to be able to be 'there' for them all (don't know what the cut off point is though).
excellent viewing................. the mums looked healthy , the children well cared for/well dressed. the homes looked lovely. and the fathers worked.
The older ones help with the younger ones.
I watched it and my opinion didn't change. They are mad.

I'm one of seven and thought that was bad enough but having more than double that, I really don't know how they cope. Especially financially. They had a nice house and managed a holiday abroad so they're obviously not short of a few quid but their bills must be astronomical.

I felt sorry for the kids of the second family. They were all home schooled by their Mum and I just don't see how that can be beneficial for the teenage daughter who is essentially sharing a classroom with todlers.
She looked bored senseless...
Yup. And probably fed up of having to listen to her siblings repeat the same things she learned ten years ago. Obviously the Mum was doing what she thought best but surely a girl that age needs to be in a school, learning at the right level and meeting people.

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15 kids and counting ch4

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