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Eve | 21:28 Tue 03rd Jan 2012 | Media & TV
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Kept getting interrupted when it was on (knock at the door and no one there by the time I got there then as I'd shown signs of movement I was besieged by hungry cats!).

Could someone help me catch up as think I'll be in my bed before the repeat is on later.

What is it that Kat is worried Alfie has/could see on the nannycam when she was talking to Jean and what did the note say at the end that Patrick had.

Thank you :)


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Why not watch it on your computer on the iplayer?

You can do that at any time (I must admit I have not checked if it is there yet)
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Awww cos Holby City is on then Public Enemies and then I'll be done for :) Mind you, it's not on tomorrow night I don't think so could catch up with it then. Thanks :)

Don't mind if anyone wants to say though or have a natter about it.
Alfie saw kat telling jean he doesn't love her anymore and she thought he wanted rid of her.

Patrick had a note that dropped out of Ricky's pocket (he was supposed to be getting rid of it). It was a confession frank wrote to pat about a murder at the car lot I think.
Alfie overheard Kat and Jean talking on Xmas Day through the penguin-cam. She said to Jean she was convinced Alfie doesnt love her anymore and can't stand to be with her.

The note in Patrick's hand was a letter from Frank to Pat implicating him and Phil in the car-lot fire years ago. Ricky and Janine found it while going through Pat's things and Ricky took it for "safe-keeping" but dropped it on his way out the door when Patrick appeared. :)
Oops sorry! Evian's post wasnt there when I pressed "submit" lol
Your explanation was better Vod, I forgot to mention phil which is kinda essential to the story line :)
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Ahhhh thank you :) I saw the Kat footage Alfie saw but wondered maybe if there was something more as she seemed so worried about him seeing it when taking to Jean, that's what confused me.

I hope David Wicks sticks around!
Me too Jenna, he is yum! x
Anyone else find it really hard to believe David is meant to be Carol's ex and Bianca's dad? He looks as if he could be Bianca's big brother. For the record, Michael French (David) is 49, Patsy Palmer (Bianca) is 39 and Lindsey Coulson (Carol) is 50 or 51, depending on which website you look :) Whatever one is right she must have had a hard paper round!!!!

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