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DSJ | 23:18 Sun 01st Jan 2012 | Film, Media & TV
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After watching 'Coronation Street' from the very first episode, a very long time ago, I gave up on this soap in April. Just can't be bothered with it anymore and, strangely, I don't miss it in the least.

Does anyone else feel the same way?


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Nope, still love it.
I used to love coro and although I watch it now it does get on my nerves sometimes, I guess I just watch it out of habit.
I felt this way a few years ago. Also watched it from December 1960 and would record it if I was out. Then there was a story about the man who owned or worked in the garage - Tommy? - and his daughter accidentally killed him but her mother took the blame. Every time I watched, the daughter would be screaming and screeching and I wondered why I was watching it. When I began falling asleep in front of it, I decided enough was enough. No, I don't miss it and most of the time it was a case of watching out of habit. Oh, it's 7.30, must put Corrie on.
Just like Daisy, it gets on my nerves sometimes and I probably do watch out of habit, but I can't see that I would ever stop watching it just in case I missed something good.
missprim, I second everything you say... Coz I'm adicted.

I've watchd from day one, very rarely miss an episode. We go away every year for 3 weeks and I record it, sheer bliss when I come home. About 8 years ago we went sailing in France fro 4 weeks and then 8 weeks and recorded it then. Took me ages to catch up but I did! Its part of my life now and wouldn't miss it for anything even tho I see the faults and shout at the tv.
'''''' I gave up on this soap in April ''''''''''

I assume that was last year, so why are you posting this now in January 2012?

Just a thought but, I think you have been watching it a little bit!
Agree with daisya, missprim and Jemisa. Some of the storylines are pathetic but I am addicted and can't imagine not watching it or recording it to watch later.
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No, trt, I haven't watched it since April. I just thought that the New Year might be a good time to get this off my chest. Since dropping it, I have discovered all sorts of other wonderful programmes and have more freedom. I don't have to race home to watch 'Corrie' at certain times or remember to set the TV to record.
I watch it when I am in and am with Miss Prim and co. However, I don't worry much if I miss it and rarely watch it on catchup and seeing how I know what is going to happen because I read all about it (silly isn't it) I can select to catch up with episodes I really would like to see.

Missing all the episodes about the recent wedding wouldn't have worried me (but I still watched it).

There are characters in Corrie that I think are brilliant and they still have the best comedy (in my opinion) of all the soaps. However, seeing as I don't watch any other soaps I really shouldn't comment.

I would really miss it if it ever left our screens. It is a British institution!!
haven't thrown in the towel completely, but i have missed quite lot lately as the sian/sophie storyline was doing my head in
Hi Lottie!

Happy New Year to you and yours xx
Sorry DSJ

Agree Lottie about the comedy, some of the lines are classics!
Happy New Year to you too Yoga. And everybody else of course!!

DSJ I haven't watched it since the girl with the black short shiny helmet hair started working behind the bar with her zombie son (she was in Hear Say) anyway that was zonks ago and haven't missed it. Don't watch East Enders either. Load of trash, everyone always so miserable when I switch on by mistake (not in my front room, I mean in EE !!).
I watched several soaps for years, until I realised that the stories were becoming both more unlikely and also copying each others' themes - I've not now watched for several years and I don't miss it at all, it gives me so much more to do with my time.
My father said watching corrie was like shi---ng in bed waken, that from a man who would go mad if you disturbed the wrestling
The reason its gone off lately is simple
1 poor story lines
2 weak scripts
3 ineffectual and low quality acting by the younger cast members.

The writers have us bored with lazy pointless and repetitive plotlines devoid of meaning or any basis in any form of reality other than that of their self congratulating egos. I mean just look at it = Carla and Peter - oh my!, Kevin and Sally, and Frank - oh my! Sian and Sofie and Amber - oh my! Tracey and Steve and Becky - oh my! But some of it is hilarious! Carl! Sylvia, and the disappearing baby Jack!
I stopped watching Holby when it was still Casualty, and The Bill.. and.. I never watched Dr Who.. and... I don't miss any of them.

but I'm sure that isn't interesting to anyone else. or me, really..
The storylines are ridiculous just lately but I'm a Corrie addict - would hate to give it up.

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