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DTCwordfan | 20:27 Sun 11th Dec 2011 | Media & TV
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q1 - is Claudia Winkleman pregnant again?

q2 - Tess looks a bit better this week inc the make-up. Agree?

q3 - Though I do not decry the Military wives their success in what they have achieved and the charity money raised as well as a means to countering all the psychological downs and worries of their partners being away, their perfomance tonight was pretty dire, voicewise....Agree?

q4 - The final three in Chelsea, Harry and Jason D - agree? I think that they are the best 3..... Agree?


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q2 no, her poker straight hair makes her face look funny. That boob-popping dress last night was awful - she could do classy but never does
q3that first one that sings always sound a bit off tune to me
q4 i have to say yes
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I sgould have added q5.....Who will win? That will be a hard call from what was on show last night.
q5 as i put before i really think it depends on the dance on the night - last year that bloke that won was worse than the other one but did a spectacular charleston and won, and that sprinter colin jackson was a shoe in for winning the year he was in it, then did a rubbish last dance
i shall miss Alex....simply gorgeous...
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agree - this one really comes down to the night and, from what I picked up, its four dances for each couple. That's tough.....
1 - ?
2- think she looks anorexic - needs her really thin arms covered
3 - disagree - enjoyed them although would have like there to be no applause for the dancing during the singing - admit that was difficult though.
4 agree
1 No idea
2 Agree
3 No Chelsee, Harry and Holly
1) I don't think so.
2) Same as bednobs, the poker straight hair makes her face too thin looking and the dress didn't help with that either.
3) I kind of tuned out while they were singing. That doesn't say much for it I suppose.
4) I'm glad they are the final three. I would love for Jason to win but I think it is definitely between the other two.
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she came out of it well, mickrog and gives her a little more to her on-screen persona, not that I am a One fan.

3 is the answer to 4

3's Answer is, they were OK, but Flavia and Vincent stole the show, best pro dancers in my opinion
Only being slightly cynical here but if a professional sound engineer was to record and analyse the 'applause' every time a dancer was lifted off the floor or twirled round on Strictly the results would be the sound is exactly the same.The same goes for X-factor or any goal scored on football highlight shows.It's just recorded once and then played over and over again.I don't believe for one moment the studio audience on tonight's show would wildly applaud the dancers while the choir was singing IMHO
q1.Not sure
q2.I think she is beautiful but too thin.But I thought she looked stunning last week in the navy blue jumpsuit she wore.
q3.I agree
q4.The best 3 have gone through.I agree.
Q1 - no, she had a baby in July
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maybe it was that awful dress - almost gave away her heritage.....
1. No, her baby is only about four months old.
2. I always think Tess looks OK.
3. Agree.
4. Definitely the three best.
5. Harry, I hope.
Can't concentrate on the dancing looking at Tess, she has changed so much last night looked as if she was dressed in a black bin bag with glitter thrown on, best ones through to final
q1 - Don't know
q2 - looked the same to me
q3 - Thought they were terrible!
q4 - Would have like to have seen Holly instead of Jason in final
1 - don't think so.
2 - I always think she looks fine.
3 - I have posted about this elsewhere, yes it was a bit ropey.
4. Yes I a gree, but I will miss Holly - she is all woman!!
Would have preferred it if Jason went out I just think he is nauseating need a bucket when ever he starts with his 'false modesty' Def between Harry and Chelsee though I think Harry will get it on the Granny vote ... I wish folk would vote on the quality of the dancing
But Harry can dance .....

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