Anyone else loving Eastenders at the moment??

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legal girl | 14:53 Thu 24th Nov 2011 | Media & TV
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I see there's a link further down slating EE but OMG I am absolutely loving it! Full of drama and it's pure escapism; yes I know most of it is completely off the wall but that's why I love it! People seem to forget that IT'S NOT REAL!!


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You said it "IT'S NOT REAL" though to hear some you'd think it was.
The trailer came on and it was all screaming and shouting, first sound of theme tune off it goes.
You'll be telling me The Archers isn't real next :+(
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Just watch it on iplayer then you don't have to suffer the theme tune!
It's about time Yusef got a dig or summat..waaaaay too smug and manipulative for my liking...Think it's a bit silly the way one minute he's mashing Zainab against a mirror and the next he's all caring and concerned with Tanya
Sorry, no, it's depressing tosh.
Anyone know who is actually behind the phil stalker thingy or is that gonna be dragged out till Christmas 2012??
It's the only soap I watch.

I think Tanya's acting is brilliant.
Good acting on EE?

Isn't that an oxymoron?
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I agree with you ummmm; wasn't it fab last night when Max came back?!
Ummmm, I think she is playing the role brilliantly too.
Hopkirk....not saying all of them are good actors, but some of them are. Janine is very good at the character she plays. Phil was great at acting the drunk/junkie...and now Tanya with the cancer story line.
Have to disgaree about Phil - I think he was awful when he was a junkie, and for all of a fw weeks it was too. janine is one dimensional.

I will agree that Tanya is brilliant at the minute.

i tend to dip ina and out with easstenders though so my opinion probably shouldn't count as much :)
I like Max - and I hope Phil falls off the wagon again, he's a cracking drunk!!
its only depressing if you feel a bit depressed your self, watching it !!!
I think its great, and the acting is brilliant, especially Tanyas at the moment. So glad max is back, bring on the fireworks lol love it
I agree as well about Jo Joyner. Her acting is brilliant. Mind you I've always thought she was a good actress.

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Anyone else loving Eastenders at the moment??

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