Freeview picture keeps breaking up at the same time every night

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JG1965 | 20:09 Sat 05th Nov 2011 | Media & TV
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My Freeview picture keeps breaking up at 6.30pm every night, it has been going on for months, it is driving me up the wall, especially when I am trying to watch Strictly. It has been happening for over 11 months, it has been happening at different times over these months but it happens at a certain times at night it happens every night at this time for a few months, then a different time the next night for months. Can anyone tell me why this is or where I can find out what is causing it as it is spoiling my viewing.
Thanks in advance.


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Do you have a decent aerial as this may be caused by a weak signal.
It's been happening to us quite a bit at the moment, especially on More4 - we often get interference from France in certain weathers, but this seems to be very recent. Extremely irritating.
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Yes, it is about a year old, if it was a weak signal would the picture not be breaking up all the time, I wondered if something was interfering with the signal as it happens at a certain time every night.
Think interference from something electrical switching on (by timer) every day. Possibly next door?
This happened to me, regular as clockwork at 7pm for weeks just before the digital switchover.......
Happened to us as well for months, about 4 minutes in to the One Show ever night! Often wondered what caused it.
The problem is basically related to low signal strength. Most of the time your TV or digibox gets a good enough signal for it to handle but occasionally either the signal strength drops or the amount of interference (which has to be filtered out by your TV/digibox) increases.

A better aerial system (or, possibly, a cheap signal booster) will probably fix the problem, That would definitely be the route which I'd go down first of all. If you then still got interference problems (which, given the fact that the signal drops at the same time every day, would seem to be part of the cause), you might also need one of these:

We had this from Wind Turbines when they switched one off and the others came into play. It ended up costing EON as they gave the whole estate aerials and boxes. I'm ready for the switch over now for free.
Funnily enough, we have a wind farm close by which became operational this year. Hmmmm...?
the tenants have had new aerial system installed, and now it's crap. The signal is weak, we have complained, and as yet no response from council.
You could try an aerial booster
The antenna and/or amplification is not suitable (or aligned) for the transmitter.
If you have a local postcode I can put it into my software calculator and tell you what antenna is required (on a roof at approx chimney height) and what channels you should be receiving packets from .. also the transmitter and exact bearing.
Is it amplified on head end (near antenna) already?
Good amps have everything included in them .. like the correct filters.

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Freeview picture keeps breaking up at the same time every night

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