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iloveglee | 16:22 Fri 28th Oct 2011 | Media & TV
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The new series of Frozen Planet looks familiar to me - I have definitely seen the sequence of film shown on breakfast TV with the killer whales knocking the seal off the ice. Has this piece of film been in another programme, or has this series been broadcast already on BBC HD. There is no reference to this having been broadcast anywhere before and is being advertised as a new series


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There may be one or two sequences that have been in other programmes, entirely possible, but it is a new series. The programme makers took 4 years to shoot this series, but sometime they may include a bit which was in another of their excellent wildlife documentaries. I have seen that in the past, mostly ones fronted by the wonder David Attenborough.
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I think you may be right, there was another clip with a seal and some penguins that looked familiar too. Have taken another look at the first episode on i-player and on a second look, there is also a lot which is not familiar. Bit cheeky though using bits of film from a previous series in order to 'pad' it out
The killer whales knocking the seal off the ice was shown on BBC breakfast TV earlier in the week to advertise the show.

They had one of the people on the Breakfast show who helped film it.
library footage
its not uncommon for programme makers to use it, far cheaper than trying to get the footage yourself
It's all padding, or infilling.

You may well have seen 'similar' but you hadn't seen that footage before.
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I have most definitely seen the sequence with the killer whales, and a long time before it was shown on breakfast tv as a trailer. I remember telling my grandson about the killer whales knocking the seals off weeks before the programme came on. I have a suspicion that this may have been on one the previous series, when doing a sequence in the polar regions.

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