the killing

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Ankou | 08:49 Fri 16th Sep 2011 | Media & TV
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bloody programme. i dedicated a lot of time, effort and loyalty to that programme. i even watched the 2 hour finale last night, despite the advert breaks every 2 minutes.

still have no clue about who dunnit, only to be told that next series starts in a years time. arrgh.

i hate telly.


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I tried to watch it...but I've missed too many. I always seem to have someone 'pop round' when it's on....

But if you didn't get it....I certainly wouldn't have :-)
The cliff hanger is meant to attract you to watch next didnt say in a years time, it said next year which could be January, only 3-4 months away!
I think it was Richmond, but there were a lot of unanswered questions, I thought. For instance, if Rosie ran off into the fields, how did he know where to find her - he was in the car. Why did Mitch suddenly leave, they looked as if they had made it up. Very, very bitty. How did he get back home after dumping the car in the lake? I could go on, and on, and on...........
Because we are an hour behind you, and it made it a bit too late to watch as it went out, I have recorded them all every 20 evenings and watched them the following day at an earlier time. Because of this I was able to keep abreast of the plot, well more or less!. I think it was the best TV I've seen for years, and as a bonus, I have fallen madly in love with Pernille!
Sorry, after I just posted I realize you are talking about the second one, while I have been watching the first one which has been repeated on BBC4.
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you must be talking about the danish version khandro, i just kept missing that one. i'm on the seattle version. i religiously recorded every eipsode and watched it in my own time. are you suggesting you know whodunnit?

as an aside, holden is really rather buff in real life.
watched last night what i thought was the final episode................. good viewing though :)

I don't think it was Richmond but everything is designed to point to him. Holder is clearly a plant of some sort. The photo of Richmond in the car on the bridge was fake as the camera was down and Holder used the photo to get the arrest and told his unseen accomplice that it had worked.

There are some inaccuracies such as why was Rosy dressed in normal clothes in the boot of the car if she had been working as a callgirl at the Casino?

My chief suspect is Alan Dale (Richmonds girlfriends dad).

Really enjoyed this series. Very well acted.
Yes, I have been watching the Danish original, if it's the same plot I can give you chapter and verse.
It's the same plot up to approx mid-way then apparently the US version branches off in a different direction.
I reckon Holder is working for Mayor Adams.
I nearly kicked the telly in on thursday night, it was not the ending I expected. The trouble is when the next series starts next year I will probably have forgotten most of the plot. Not a happy bunny.
I watched the Danish subtitled series faithfully every week and really got into it. This Seattle version was always inferior and it said that a different character would be revealed as the killer, However, the last two programmes were a pathetic attempt to round everything up and concluded with a ridiculous and totally inplausible ending. Does anyone else agree that this was inferior to the Danish series? Also there will be a lot of explaining to do if it turns out that Richmond is not guilty. His alibi and soaking clothing the next morning etc. Also what motive did he have? The fetish about drowning was too stupid to even consider plausible.
I'd followed it too, but happened to read on the internet that it was unresolved (unlike the original).

I therefore deleted all of my unwatched ones!

Life's too short to watch rain swamped Seattle with no resolution!
Danish version was brilliant,but I tuned in to see the US version, what a let down. Really enjoy all the european crime dramas on BbC4. Waiting for Sprial to come on at 9pm
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agree fortuncookie, bbc4 have some little gems there.

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