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looobylooo | 21:12 Mon 05th Sep 2011 | Media & TV
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on corrie just now, peter called 999, due to the accident on the cobbles,

all he said when he got through, was 'theres been an accident on the corner of coronation st and rozamund st',

should he not have given the 'area' too, no?

(if it was a 'real' emergency call, of course)


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That's a bit nit picky loooby.
What you talkin about Willis?
Question Author
no, not really chrissa ... was just wondering, thats all

good evening ms quassy, how do?
im sure they knew it was in weatherfield..the producers would have told them lol...
Same to you loobyloo < rhymes!
Lol Mrsm
Question Author
lol ... ah right, mrs mav.... thats ok then! lol .... wouldnt like the ambulance to be turning up at the wrong place now, would we?! ;o)

you got yourself any of that algy oil whatsit stuff yet madam??
if not you ought to!
and if you put a dabbing on your before your foundation, it goes on like velvet!
Duh! they watch corrie so know.
Question Author
*and if you put a dabbing on your FACE.... whoops!
Not yet looby .. keep forgetting! Will do though. Will I look 21 again then?
yes .. I did wonder where I should dab it :0?
Pretty sure (though not 100%) that the emergency services have a computer system that links your phone number to your address (even if you withhold your number), but can't remember what makes me think this.
switchboard would know which town from phone number he was calling from
How will they find you sherrardk? You live in a shoe ..
Question Author
lol!!! ^^^^

yes, its your face you dab it on quassy, your face!! ;o) lol.

and yep, youll look a dream, believe me!
youll have the fellas twit-twooing you all over again ;o)
they already do .... :0)
Question Author
ah but 4get, what if you call from a mobile? .. can they still tell?
Still got a post code quassia! I think that when we once phone an ambulance they knew where to come to without my husband giving out loads of details (I could be wrong though).
O.k ;0)
he didnt though did he. They can get get area mobile is picking up signal from if they need to.

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