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looobylooo | 20:12 Mon 05th Sep 2011 | Media & TV
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on corrie just now, peter called 999, due to the accident on the cobbles,

all he said when he got through, was 'theres been an accident on the corner of coronation st and rozamund st',

should he not have given the 'area' too, no?

(if it was a 'real' emergency call, of course)


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lol .. he's a bit on the short side .. that killed me!
arghhhh Noooo, he's murdering
Question Author
see what you mean quass, but he still loks nice though!

yeah, i like peter too,
like you say - he needs a few more inches ... ;o}
Peter is...haha
what's that older gentleman actor called in Emmerdale who always wears that choker necklace thing .. he'll go to his grave in that .. he's been wearing it for years!!!
lol @ looby, that's a bit forward of you!
Frank..., Patrick Mower
it looks so daft on a bloke his age
as we say up here
"He could do with some sh!t in his shoes"
To be frank Bobbi ... I want to choke him with it! ;0)
lol Bobbi .. I've just howled laughing at that!
Question Author
in HEIGHT quassia!! .... lol .... i dunno, im sure! ;o}
he must be well in his 70s Quassy
If this turns in to an oil thread looby .. I'm not playing!
Question Author
yeah, cant say ive heard that one ^^ myself either!! lol
Are you Scottish looby? I read your replies in a Scottish accent!! Don't ask me why!
a psh version would be "he need some manure to make him grow"
Question Author
oh 'the oild ones are always the best', quassy! lol
I'm serious looby! I hear your words said in a Scottish lilt!!
Question Author
nooooo, not scottish quassy,

mind, didnt you think i sounded a bit bristolian just then, you know with the 'oild'! lol

im a midlander .. where is you from?
didn't I say the very same thing Loobs ?

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