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vivandorron | 20:51 Mon 15th Aug 2011 | Film, Media & TV
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I have watched this evening 'University Challenge' and put my knowledge in the category of Plymouth who lost to Durham by 280 points. ( Plymouth 45; Durham 325.)

Is there any ABer who would claim to be more knowledgeable than me?.:-):-)



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sorry ron, don't understand your question - do you mean you predicted the score?
Oi -Ron - thats a poor score mate
Damn, I forgot it was on as I had visitors. Will have to watch it on the iplayer. I am usually lucky if I can get about 4 or 5 questions correct. My record is 9 but they did have a music round that night.
Yes Ron, I answered more than Plymouth did!
Don't be too downhearted. Durham was my alma mater. We have a reputation for being a bunch of clever ******.
I can think of a few - but not me.
...or do you mean you class yourself as intellectually inferior to the AB community?
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5 points off you all for failing to correctly answer my question.:-)

I got quite a few questions right tonight, but the mathematical formulae were way over my head.
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well,Come on..come on...come on....we must have an anwer .Ron!
Got a couple of bonus questions, the only starter I got which neither team did was the Madonna question!

Hardly a claim to fame though.......
I regularly compete for the "University of West Bromwich" when it's on...Got 100 points the other week..No conferring!

Not bad for a tin basher :-)
They were probably all too young to remember Madonna...,Baggies Poly
What I have noticed is that very few of the students these days use the term 'reading' when describing their field of study.
well Alistair Cooke outscored the Indians on the first innings - ten vs one, so what's the point if one could outscore Plymouth.

Honestly, put a glorified tech college up against the equivalent of an Ivy League Uni you are going to get this sort of result. Bet they had never heard of three-quarters of the history, english, art, philosophy and logic questions of which there were plenty....

The Plymouthteam probably thought that Exmoor was Bobby Moore's old woman......
Mike, it's seems to depend which topic they study, I have noticed that some do, most don't.
Harsh, but true.
I'm not so sure, I doubt they've heard of Bobby Moore

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