Barings Bank Collapse, The Reunion

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exdc | 10:47 Sat 06th Aug 2011 | Media & TV
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For anyone who may find this interesting, Sunday 7th July BBC Radio 4:

In the first of a new series of The Reunion, Sue MacGregor reunites Nick Leeson, the man who broke Barings bank, with his colleagues and former boss, Peter Norris.


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Sunday 7th August, perhaps?
Question Author
Oooops soz

thanks seajaypea.
No problem. This is a great series. It will be a really good programme.
Shame it's on radio, would have preferred the visual spectacle of the face-to-face meeting.

The film about Leeson wasn't bad but the book was far better.
actually being on radio should be a lot more interesting as you build the mental image instead of being spoon fed what they want you to "see"
Each to their own. I just think it'd be easier and a far more engaging spectacle to gauge the sincerity of the apology by Leeson and the reaction of his former boss.
Thanks, I'll look out for that. I met Nick Leeson some years ago when he was speaking at a do I was at, very interesting guy!
can I remind you philtaz of the Nixon Kennedy debates.....Kennedy won hands down as to TV and, as we all know, TV took over the importance of our need to visualise.

However, the content/sincerity of what they were saying was clearly won by Tricky Dicky......the power of the word. Both have their place, I think we are saying that, but I look forward to listening to the content and inflection of what they say, it may prove more powerful in the first instance. Trouble is that the spin doctors can get at them both, particularly emphasised, I think, on TV.
IMHO that's a moot point DT. Your anecdote involves politicians.......

and we all know how sincere THEY are!

'Nuff said?

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Barings Bank Collapse, The Reunion

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