The Lost Children of Eastenders

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pips1 | 22:42 Tue 02nd Aug 2011 | Media & TV
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What has happened to continuity in EE? You never hear of Ben now, where is he? or Phil mentioning his daughter. Dot never mentions Dotty, Denise never mentions her 2 daughters, and where did Lucas' son go? and when did you last see little George or hear Ian Beale mention the twins???


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not to mention Oscar who is always asleep upstairs and appears to be left there all day on his own.
I thought Ben went away to live with Peggy.

Ian did mention the kids earlier though the first time in a while.
Lol very true! And rarely do they reminisce about the ones who have died!! X
Lucas' son went to live with his aunt
Bit like Tracy in Corrie who once went upstairs to do her homework and came back down - 7 years later. plautus yes, ...talking of Corrie, where's Maria's son these days when she's working or in the Rovers?
who's george?
>>>What has happened to continuity in EE?

Dont tell anyone but I think they are all actors and sometimes they want to go off to make a film, or appear in another TV series, or maybe take a break from the soap.

To that end they are often totally forgotten in the show for a length of time and nobody ever mentions them.

Then all of a sudden they reappear.

Which is why watching soaps is such a total waste of time when there is so much more you could be doing with your life.
And who looks after Dylan when Sean, Marcus and Eileen are all at work?
George is Heather's son, by Darren
doh, of course, thanks chelle.
Where's Heather gone?
George is the son of Heather (big lady works in the launderette and the mini-mart) and Darren's son (he works on the car lot).
I'd already forgotten about Dylan......
Tracy was also yet another actress playing the part, why is no mention made of the drugs she was supposed to take for life after her organ transplant or was that just a dream while i was in the shower?
lol cupid - judging by recent storylines that may be next!
Years ago in Neighbours, Jim died and they never had a funeral for him.
Never watch it so no idea.
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Thanks for all your answers, I know some people think soaps are a waste of time but for me it is escapism. I'm not a daytime telly watcher but in the evening it's nice to put your feet up and watch them.
Ben was in EE today, briefly. Isn't he getting tall?

What about the Masood families daughter, she's never mentioned either.

How come the Moon (David Essex) family is taking over EE?

I do critasise but I still watch, love 'em.


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The Lost Children of Eastenders

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