the coach trip

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ems27 | 15:31 Thu 31st Mar 2005 | Media & TV
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can someone update me on this weeks happenings ? whos left ? i'm hoping max and his ginger friend are still in it. thanks


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yes, Max and Tom are still there. They've been having a dispute this with with Pasquale and so have Sally and Emma. There was a secret vote this week and Pasquale and Bob voted for Sally and Emma and they got a yellow card. They weren't too happy and asked P and B who they voted for and they then lied and later said it was because it was none of their business. Anyway they had a big falling out yesterday at voting time when P and B and M and T voted for each other. Tom called P a coward as did Barbara and her husband. I think P and B got the yellow card. Mor etears tonight I think! Hope this helps.
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your a star thanks. Had a week off last week and got totally addicted, esp to the lovely max.
At risk of hurting your feelings, Max is a total @rse, the only bigger @rse is his ginger pal.
Also Barbara's husband hit Pasquale on the head and so they got sent home , and Eden and Angela decided it was all too tacky and bailed out as well , and then Pasquale and Bob decided they would leave as well. I agree with Johnthe planf about the boys and it goes for the girls as well. Addicted though!
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oh dear, it seems i'm the only fan of max. Maybe his italian good looks have clouded my judgement. One more Q... are those other 2 blokes (can't remember their names), the ones that went mad over that idiot sally eating the almonds and then making a huge fuss over her allergy ? they were quite funny. its a shame Pasquale has gone, he was most entertaining.
Yes Trevor and? are still there.

Tom and Max kicked off and sent home by Brendan last night because they were partying late into the night

Sally and Emma voted off 12 hours later all new cast now mottly crew

I tell you what, they shouldn't have gotten rid of Tom and Max, they were definitely the best two on there, and as for Pas and his mission to get rid of the girls, well, nice one Pasquale, that worked out well didn't it........what an absolute spoon. It's not really that good anymore, now all the originals have gone. Bring back Marion and Phil that's what I say.
yeh luv uve miss a good week pasqualli and bob left sally and emma left max and tom left the old couple with the bloke who kepp drinkin as left the newest couple left caus of of a lung collapse so  you better tune in soon
Why is this on at 4.30pm? I have to religously video it every day, this is too good for daytime tele. Tiede & sister to go tonight, that'll teach em, why does that lady keep calling him Adie? I think Brendan deserves an oscar for his performance.

I must say that i do miss max and tom and also the two bold guys! anyway is it just me or is lisa a bit of a tart?? sleeping with max the first night she met him, following winter back to his hotel room? its always the quiet ones...

What happened today - did BO Baracaus get booted off (everybody vote for him again) I missed it today for first time!!!

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