BGT handbells

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mollykins | 21:06 Sat 16th Apr 2011 | Media & TV
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Mum mucked up the dvd player/ recorder so we only got half way through watching the hand bell people.

Thye built it up into the classic embarassing failure of a routine but what we saw was quite good.

Did they get through?


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Yes Molly they did.
they did, they were great.
Question Author
Ta. I played the handbells for about a year . . . and I can play that tune on the piano . . .
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But don't you agree when they build it up like that and that guitarist/ singer in the orange hoodie, usually it's an embrassing failure that gets buzzed off within second ?!?!?! It's normally the modest people who are quiet and unsuspecting like that old guy who did all those different dances, that turn out the best . . .
Love that song Molly,have never heard it played on the piano tho,bet you sound great.
Burt look what you missed, Molly ;-)
Burt? Who's he? That should have been 'but' (and I'm only about to open the bottle!)
Animals fantasising about Burt and Ernie again :)
Molly never watched it - but if you want to see repeat
Question Author
Crikey, what about the final act, usually they end the show with someone amazingly good . . .
Yes, Chuck, Sesame Street is about my level of viewing ;-)

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BGT handbells

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