Eragon the movie!

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imhotep | 00:24 Sat 25th Jul 2009 | Film
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Hellooooo peeps!!
Just tried to sign in and failed,but didn't realise that I had CAPS LOCK still on.Doh!
Anyway, earlier this evening I watched Eragon the movie for the second time.The first time I watched it was in the cinema,and I thought wow what a film when the end credits rolled in.I thoroughly enjoyed the film!!
So,I just had to get the dvd of it,and show it to my mum.She enjoyed it as much as I did.Although I have never read the book of it.I hear that the film did not quite follow the storyline of the book.So, I cannot comment about that.
I heard that there might be a sequel in the summer of 2009 but it is only rumored. Check the website listed as my source.They seem to have titled the sequel as Eldest
Source(s): e)

I really hope they do make another film.Perhaps I will buy the book one day and see for myself.
Anyway,for those of you who have not seen the film,here is a trailer of it below......


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I wouldn't hold your breath for a movie sequel - the film didn't do well. I've not read the books (reputedly not very well-written), but the title of the second is "Eldest".

As for the film, each to their own but I wasn't impressed and rated it 5/10 on IMDb. Anybody who has seen "Star Wars: A New Hope" will be able to predict what will happen next...

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Eragon the movie!

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