What film is this quote from?

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electrokitty | 13:00 Mon 24th Sep 2007 | Film
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This is a tough one....all I remember is an old tramp who used to be a priest ,in a subway suddenly calling out "could ya spare any change for an old father?" and it really makes the main character jump. it's probably a horror film cos that's all I ever watch, but it's driving me mad trying to remember what film it's from! can someone help me?


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It's from 'The Exorcist'.

Father Carras is enduring a crisis of faith, and is unsure if the possession of Meagan is real - but the demon's mimicry of the old beggar, followed by mimicry of Carras's mother shows him that the demon is real - with suitably horryfying reaction from the poor priest.

I found those bits - together with Reagan scuttling downstairs in a crab arch - far more terrifying than the unconvicning head-spinning.

Classic example of horror being not just blood and gore, but our fears and secrets exposed to us.
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Thanks Andy, course it is! (smacks forehead). I haven't watched the film for years as i find it so scary, so I must have forgotten that bit.
My pleasure - I feel unfeasibly delighted to not only have known the answer - but to have got to the thread first to post it!

I know at the end of the day, there are no hard or easy questions - there are ones you can answer, and ones you can't ...

oh what the hell - this WAS tough, and i cracked it!

BTW - I haven't seen it for ages either, but if memory servies, the quote is "Could you spare some change for an old alter boy Father ..."

I must be on a roll or something ....
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Spot on, you've got it! I'm impressed.....

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